Our Services

Our Services

Manufacturing: assembly electronics and electrical devices

KIMERA® Technologies is a young and flexible company with the most modern equipment in the mechanical manufacturing, electronics and electrical devices engineering.  We can perform several services for the realization of products, electrical and electromechanical devices to civil and industrial use. We carry out electrical and mechanical assemblies of any kind in respect of quality standards certified to ISO 9001: 2008, in respect of environment according to ISO 14001: 2004

Mechanical assemblies for its production and to third parties

We work on customer specifications and thanks to the know-how of our staff we are able to support customers from the planning stage, developing customized solutions and following all stages .

Among the most common working:

  • assembly for third parties in line semi-automatic
  • assembly of mechanical devices, electromechanical,  pre-assembly of groups, assembly of automatic machines.
  • Complete assembly of finished products,
  • bondings and sealing, with qualified technicians “European Adhesive Bonder” (EAB), with theoretical and practical training for the ‘use of adhesives and bondings (EWF – European Welding Federation and IIS – Italian Welding Institute);
  • Complete order management (from purchase to delivery)
  • Review and update of distinct and customer’s Work cycles
  • Assistance and support in the improvement of product
  • Supply of consumables
  • Quality control of a product, testing
  • Storage of components and products and logistics
  • testing and maintenance cycles of electro-mechanical devices

 Assemblages of electrical  panels

We produce electrical panels in low and medium voltage, on construction specifications of our customers.  Upon request we are able to follow the verification and testing processes.  Quality certified, attention to detail and a timely delivery enable us to guarantee customers high added value services.

Production of LED lighting devices

At our workshops we carry out assembly work and testing of lighting lamps based on LED lighting technology for civil and residential lighting, public lighting, nautical and automotive;  on customer request, through partnerships with some of the most dynamic production companies in the region, we are able to follow all appropriate processes to the production of lighting devices by developing customized solutions: from design to electronics and structural design, from design the optical molding of plastic parts, up to the engineering and prototyping of the product as well as the complete production management, including any molding works, welding, painting, etc.

Kimera Technologies specialty is also the assembly of  informative panel on light for road, airport and railway

Aluminum processing

Kimera Technologies is a reliable partner for the execution of machined aluminum profiles with high added value, by making available its expertise and its know-how, our machines allow us manufacturing over 7 meters in length with decimal tolerances; The main operations that we carry out are: cutting, drilling, milling, filling, threading, bending and TIG welding activities (specialization in welding of aluminum) in accordance with the standards UNI EN ISO 9606-2: 2006